Underwater Photo & Modeling Immersion


Aug 4-7th, 2022

4 day underwater workshop
to create conservation art

In a 4 day underwater immersion focused on cultivating underwater performance skills and capturing environmental-themed concept art to support a local eNGO,

photographer Kimber Greenwood & director/ performer Christine Ren, embolden established creatives and nascent enthusiasts alike to

take part in a unique process-focused workshop experience this summer in the Florida Springs.


  • Learn how to craft underwater ARTivism works. Each participant will learn how to contribute their unique underwater skills and love of the ocean through underwater images in one-of-a-kind locations that further ocean conservation messages - in particular, the human-ocean symbiosis

  • Step into your own environmental photo series. The images you receive - featuring you in a custom conservation theme set/ costume - can be utilized on social media, in each participants portfolio and in addition, will be donated for usage in marketing and awareness campaigns by a local FL eNGO.

  • Locations. We'll be covering safety, underwater movement & flow, posing and staging images - both in a local heated pool and then out on location in the FL springs.


from Kimber Greenwood




These underwater techniques facilitate new levels of freedom and flow and I can't wait to share this underwater practice with you.

So please join me, to discover what’s below the surface and enjoy a workshop focused on the process AND the end product.

You will come away with some lovely underwater photographs and videos of yourself - so you can remember the experience and that at anytime, how you can tap back into these meditative underwater states.

You'll also be stepping into environmental themed costumes to create pictures we will donate to a local eNGO to further their own conservation messaging efforts.


    • Buoyancy, safety and breath-control basics for performing underwater;
    • How to release into the water through a 3-step process of center, surrender, sequence;

      CENTER: is a training of meditation, breathing exercises, ribcage isometric and intention setting

      - SURRENDER: is a series of guided above-water movement-based exercises to expand lung capacity and enable the body to feel safe slowly moving from structured patterning to losing structure completely and being open to impulse after achieving stillness.
      Then followed by in-water watsu dance and flow techniques, both solo and then in partners, that act as a bridge between land and water.

      FLOW: is the step where we bring the practice to the deeper water and layer one-by-one underwater movement and safety techniques.

    • Exploration of underwater modeling and posing techniques, working with cameras & lighting. Underwater photos and video will be taken of all participants while engaging in this immersion and everyone will come away with dedicated shots of themselves.




We're headed to the Florida Springs for this workshop because quite simply, the water clarity of these freshwater pools are unparalleled and the most idyllic place to learn both underwater modeling and photography.
There's a reason the Springs are known as one of the world's greatest wonders. Frequented by manatees and crystalline light shafts, there is (debatably 😉 no more beautiful place to shoot on Earth.
In addition, Kimber Greenwood's indoor heated studio pool is in Gainesville, FL which will host the non-on-location portions of our trip. As a group, we will take a tour & shoot in the surrounding Gilcrest Blue and Ichetucknee Springs.

{ DAY 1: INTRO }
/ Location: Pool studio - Gainesville, FL /

Morning / 10am-11am
Group arrives for introductions & course overview
Mid-Morning / 11am-noon
Practical application & demo in the pool
with Kimber Greenwood & Christine Ren
- LUNCH break - 
Afternoon / 1-5pm
A. Advanced partner watsu movement & safety overview
learn to release & follow & practice hydrodynamics;
how to and not to work with bodies in the water
B. Apnea safety, equalization & buoyancy basics discussion & practical
C. Pool shallow water underwater movement & posing demo
with student groups rotating, observing each other,
testing deeper water immersion
Evening / 5pm+
Group dinner & day review, discuss individual creative goals



Morning | 8am - 10:30am
/ Location: On location - Gilcrest Blue Spring /
A. Underwater photo/ posing demo in the Spring
with Kimber Greenwood & Christine Ren

B. Review & run-through center, surrender, flow
process for models in open-water setting;
*film individual video clips & test costumes/ fabrics

- BRUNCH break + travel to studio -
Afternoon / 12/12:30-3/3:30pm
/ Location: Pool studio - Gainesville, FL / 
A. Photo concept design & ARTivism module
learn how to create art with impact, design concepts that get a
message across & try on costumes / above water posing lessons
B. Advanced underwater dress rehearsal with
costumes, set & camera/ lighting
Wrap by late afternoon
Day recap & group discussion


Morning / 7:40am - 11am
/ Location: On location -  Ichetucknee Springs / 
. Individual open-water ARTivism portrait sessions;
with Kimber & Christine coaching
- LUNCH break & travel to studio - 
Afternoon / 12:30pm - 3:30/4pm
A. Group discussion, informal photo review
& prep for final shoots tomorrow
B. Meditation/ breathing & group contact
movement/ watsu in pool
Wrap by late afternoon


/ Location: Pool studio - Gainesville, FL / 
Morning / 10am - 1pm
A. Individual pool set ARTivism portrait sessions;
with Kimber & Christine coaching
- LUNCH break -
Afternoon / 1:30 - 4/5pm
/ Location: *Group choice - stay at pool
studio or re-visit Spring /

Integration discussions, Q&A,
informal group imagery reviews
B. Watsu + partner underwater dance
*video clip filming
C. TBD based on group individual goals
Evening / 4:30/5pm+
Final goodbyes, experience review & group dinner


reviews & final dinner together



This immersion culminates in personalized ARTivism (art as activism) underwater photoshoots capturing you in pure flow underwater showcasing everything you've learned during the week -

In fantastic custom-crafted environmental-themed costumes that will provided to you just for this workshop and that help bring to life a conservation issue that our eNGO partner is focused on.


    • 2 underwater photographs by Kimber Greenwood (*with more available to purchase)
    • Final video reel of yourself 
    • Custom costumes & looks designed by Christine Ren
    • A patented weight-integrated vest to train in & aid neutral buoyancy
    • All training & location transport is covered while you're with us


    • We bring the daily training, custom looks, NGO partners & photo/video prowess....


  • YOU choose where you want to stay (a hostel, a homestay, a resort, a hotel, a tent, a boat.. okay you get the picture 😉and select exactly the kind of food and number of meals you need.MEANING -> This is NOT an all-inclusive trip.

    This is a choose-your-own adventure kind of trip!








This retreat will cultivate a safe space for you to explore releasing anything that no longer serves you. The more you release into the water, the more you train at a physical level, the feeling and process of letting go.
All participants will experience meditative flow states and come away with some amazing underwater images to encapsulate the immersion.

Ocean- and travel-enthusiasts who are looking for a unique experience with a philanthropic component will also find our offering as a culmination of these desires. You don't need to be a diver or a dancer, simply hold a willingness to go deep and do the hard work of surrendering.

This course is acceptable for beginners, but you must be able to swim and feel comfortable in the water. A wetsuit, mask, and snorkel are not required but are helpful. Nose clips, however, are required. We will not be using fins.



North-west Florida freshwater Springs. A pristine environment to shoot and learn in.


Step into your own environmental photo series. The images you receive -
feature you in a custom conservation theme set/ costume that showcases the
human-nature symbiosis like pictured below.



Cost per person: $2,100
(non-inclusive; you choose your housing & food)


Send an email to me@theunderwaterwoman.com with the following information, or use the form at the end of this page:

  • Name
  • A brief introduction including your swimming, or freediving, level
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Which workshop you’re interested in
  • How you heard about the workshop

To reserve a spot for the retreat, payment is due in full on booking. Credit and debit card payments accepted securely through Paypal or Venmo and signed trip paperwork and liability waivers required. Trip is non-refundable for COVID- or border closure related issues.


Here's a closer look at the practice of freedom and flow related to moving in and through the water: