The innate power to heal & regenerate

Your immune system doesn't need to be activated or boosted -
it just needs to be modulated.


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During the pandemic of 2020, I *quietly* contracted a mild case of COVID-19 and said little about it or my experience publicly.

With 10+ years in brand and project management positions and 3 years of experience specifically in the cannabis industry, earlier in the year, I had created a line of immune modulating liquids (of course, water-based because that's just what I seem to have command over creating with in this lifetime :).

The brand: iatro, based off the Greek word for healer or doctor.

I designed BALANCE by iatro with all of my expertise gained through degrees in pre-medical sciences and years working alongside luminaries in the cannabis industry.

The result? A triple threat immune modulating product that repairs & optimizes your immune system such that you can best show up every day, every moment as your own medicine (ie. your immune system shifted into its regenerative, repair state where healing, yes, even from novel viruses like COVID, is hard-wired to occur).

Long story short... I self-treated with BALANCE all throughout my case of COVID. I recovered within a week and have had no ongoing fatigue or respiratory issues since.

Is that due entirely to my product? I doubt it.

Did it help put my immune system in the right place to function how its supposed to when sick? I guarantee it!




Quick aside here: If you never knew, I've been in the wellness and health eCommerce world for over a decade.

I built and sold an small company,, back in 2011... (Thanks Mr. Clark Coole out of Georgia for running with it & keeping the site up still so many years later!) 

to fund my Master's degree in Marine Anthropology (and post graduating, all my underwater artistic dreamlike creations you've come to know me for here).

Now the world seems to have turned on a dime and demanded my creative prowess once again...

towards the ends of health, wellness and human thriving. Is there anything more valuable right now in our pandemic world? (...*crickets*).





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Your daily triple-threat immune support
combining 10 ppm nano colloidal silver
with 500 mg hemp extract &
colostrum polypeptides



At iatro, we nerd out on the science of immune modulation, so you don’t have to. 

/ INTRODUCING... / your 3-in-1 daily immune support modulator with SilverSol technology.

This 16 oz bottle boasts a 60-day supply of ingredients scientifically-designed to repair and optimize your immune system for proper daily balance.

BALANCE by iatro allows you to achieve homeostasis (ie. balance) and immune system resiliency -
through our powerful combination of SilverSol colloid silver, pure CBD hemp extract and colostrum proline-rich polypeptides (PRP)

This 16 oz bottle boasts a 60-day supply of:

10 ppm bio-active nano colloidal silver

500 mg water-soluble CBD hemp extract (12 mg per dose)

4 mg of colostral polypeptides (from bovine colostrum)







“Boosting" or "activating" your immune system can send it into overdrive, which is especially detrimental for auto-immune conditions.

True wellness is achieved through proper immune-modulation.

BALANCE repairs, optimizes and regulates immune system function and resiliency.

/ SILVER / Bio-active colloidal silver particles are safe, potent anti-bacterial agents in the body that, unlike antibiotics, do not negatively affect the existing healthy gut flora.
/ HEMP CBD / In addition, BALANCE contains broad-spectrum water-soluble hemp CBD which binds to the body's ECS receptors serving as a powerful anti-inflammatory and cellular functioning optimizer.
/ COLOSTRUM / Further, BALANCE contains colostrum PRPs, which signal a balanced production of cytokines in the body so your immune system is neither under- or over-performing.