Historically, we've assumed that the ocean is so expansive, so deep, that humans couldn't possible harm this interconnected body of water that spans over 70% of the Earth's surface.

The last few decades in particular though have utterly falsified this idea.

We've found signs of manmade pollutants, in the form of plastic trash, in the Earth's deepest ocean trenches.

It's time to take off our blind folds and look at the plastic world we're literally drowning in.

The market shifts rapidly based on the demands of consumers, which means we have the power to shift our world away from unsustainable plastic materials, if we so choose.

Join the 30 day challenge of going completely plastic free and use #BlindSpots online to share your progress through social media.





Art direction & model: Christine Ren, The Underwater Woman
Photography: Brett Stanley (
Hair & MUA: Jaime Leigh McIntosh
Research footage: Monterery Bay Aquarium Research Institute, MBARI (
BTS footage: Brian Bradley