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| Embrace your nervous system physiology |
| Reclaim inner safety & resiliency |

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In times of chaos and uncertainty, it's natural and deeply encoded in our biology to move into survival mode over relaxed states of regeneration and thriving.

Without the right set of regulating tools, our own nervous system physiology can get stuck in survival mode though, perpetuating exhaustive loops of deeply primal and energy-intensive activations (ie. survival responses). And the latent parts of our non-adult self, those that experienced trauma (ie. anything too fast too soon, or too little to slow for the nervous system to handle), can hijack our system, so to speak, with old patterns of behavior and defense mechanisms.

As long as you are stuck "on" in survival mode, you cannot heal, regenerate or thrive. That's how you're built and for good reason. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you're having difficulty feeling safe right now or seeing the right next step, move, or decision or getting anything done, you are not alone. And what's more, your human operating system was designed and wired to respond exactly how it is now.

But there are ways to give yourself the permission to thrive, even in the face of threats and the unknown. That's what this course will show you how to do.

This is not a purely theoretical class. This is an embodied capacity-building course steeped in the modalities of scientifically-backed Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal Theory techniques.

This online experience is designed to empower you with the psycho-education needed to understand and validate your own survival circuitry -

AND is packed with:

  • Somatic noticing exercises,
  • Neural sequencing & regulating tools,
  • Felt-sense explorations,
  • Inner safety tools,
  • Guided imagery meditations,
  • Written prompts,
  • and much much more...

This unique combination of modules will allow you to process, feel, integrate and heal from anything that has happened, is happening or will happen. <3


"Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate."
~ Carl Jung


Understanding the Human Operating System:

  • Nervous System Physiology 101
  • Basics of Survival Responses & Circuitry
  • Our Modern Trauma Blueprint: Definitions, Science & More
  • Somatization & Healing at the Source

Becoming Your Own Medicine:

  • The Path to Resiliency
  • Role of the Unconscious & Conscious Mind
  • Alchemy of the Psyche Stages
  • How Unresolved Trauma & Manifestation Are Connected
  • Superpower Languages: Imagery & Imagination
  • Superpower Languages: Embodiment & The Felt Sense
  • Summary of Blueprint Techniques & The Science

Uncovering Your Healing Blueprint:

  • Survival Response & Defense Mechanism Inventory:
    • 2 powerful guided exercises to unveil how your survival circuitry manifests & what mechanisms your body is currently using to keep you safe.
  • Safe In the World & In the Body:
    • 2 Guided somatic noticing videos to uncover your own safety anchors & how to start a dialogue with stored places of old stressors in the body,
    • 2 Guided imagery meditation for safety in the body & the world,
    • Written prompts for self-exploration related to safety.
  • Getting Into The Body:
    • 2 exploratory Somatic Experiencing & movement exercises to tap you into full presence & expansion with the body,
    • 2 guided imagery journeys to connect & unify energy in the body,
    • Written prompts for exploring, expanding & re-defining your relationship with your body.
  • Training The Capacity to Presence Sensation:
    • 4 exploratory movement & somatic integration exercises to increase, in a non-overwhelming way, your ability to be with the 'tough stuff' vs. divert or otherwise lift out of the experience,
    • 2 proactive tools for safeguarding against new traumas from lodging in your system,
    • My go-to guided tool for presencing paradox,
    • Written prompts for self-exploration on the topics of permission & validation.
  • Regulating Toolkit Review:
    • Summary of  movement, felt-sense, visual, breath, somatic noticing & sequencing tool to help your nervous system discharge as easily as it activates, switching you into thrive mode with ease,
    • 3 step, 3 layers deep, manifestation guide (the deeper unconscious and somatic steps 'The Secret' left out),
    • Guided culminating video declaration to claim your healing & nervous system allyship - now and forever.


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  • Over TEN practices and meditations (audios & videos)
  • Downloadable journal prompts and note sheets
  • Forever access to all modules with lifetime access
  • Early-Bird Bonus: A 1-on-1 somatic integration Zoom session with Christine INCLUDED ($199 value)

This Course Will Teach You How To:

  • Release old patterns & past traumas,
  • Complete & clear unfinished nervous system cycles,
  • Re-stabilize the mind-body-spirt unit,
  • Build resiliency & architect possibility,
  • Create, manifest & enact any life you can dream up.


| Releases 10/21


About The Instructor:

Most of you know me here for my underwater artwork and performance campaigns. My love of and knowledge of water and movement both deep - from a Master's in Marine Anthropology to dual undergraduate degrees in Biology and Dance.

In the past few years, I've begun taking in-depth trauma healing, neuroscience and somatic experiencing coursework and pursued various certifications in these disciplines.

In addition, I've incorporated side work as an integrative water guide into my career - helping people heal through aquatic therapy sessions conducted to immersive sound healing journeys played through underwater speakers in my pool.

My latest practices are an expanded set of tools that allow me to create immersive somatic integration sessions on land, as well as in the water and form the basis of my practice known as Writes Her Way.

It's through there primarily that I help women (and men) gain safety and communication in the body, using their own felt sensations and unconscious visuals, to re-pattern and fully integrate past traumas, false constructs, limiting beliefs, defense mechanisms and ingrained non-serving behavioral patterns.

Now, I'm so excited to offer an in-depth, more widely accessible training to help even more people move from survival mode back into thriving.

(And if you're curious for a more detailed run-down on my qualifications, please check them all out under the 'About Her' section here.)


Who Is This Course For?

If you ascribe to the axioms of stoicism, are an avid proponent of the movement spurred by the book 'How to Give Less F*&k's,' and employ or endorse some forms of meditative practice that lift you out of your felt, visceral human experience, this work may not be for you.

I don't believe we signed on for this incarnate human experience in form to not hold paradox, embody and fully feel polarity. We consented to pain, suffering, constriction, limitation and restriction as much as we did to love, joy, synchronicity, pleasure and abundance.

How do I know this? Because our human physiology from a scientifically-validated standpoint proves we are wired to do so. Yet our society is obsessed with ensuring our experience remains in that rosy-colored glasses 'positive' end of the emotional spectrum which leaves us often casting out, disowning and never fully feeling or integrating both parts of ourselves and experiences we may encounter.

Paradoxically, the more we push away cast-off parts of self and experience, the deeper they lodge in our unconscious (Jung called these 'Inner Others'), which has a primary operating directive to find their resolution and often does so through manifesting or drawing back into our physical plane of existence the exact people , personalities, experiences and circumstances so we can digest, integrate and find healing of them.

So my short answer to this question is:

This work is for everyone who is ready for it. I call this the 'Great Work' and I see it is as one of the fundamental reasons we are here on this planet, now, in these chaotic and uncertain times.

What we individually and collectively do not address, do not integrate, do not resolve, will pass down in the genetic lineages of future generations to solve and loves, that is a cycle we need to answer the call in taking ownership of ending.

If Any Of These Describe You, Then This Course Is For YOU:

  • You feel disconnected, disembodied, untethered or floating often and have a hard time staying presence and focusing.
  • You shut down and freeze, or go into a depressive state in times of stress.
  • You feel emotionally-numb and have trouble processing tough experiences and expressing yourself.
  • You've experienced some form of trauma in the past.
  • You're constantly on the merry-go-round of physical health symptoms that stump all your Western medical doctors. Despite eating well and exercising, even minimizing stress levels, you are still quite tired and sick.
  • You are often combative, frustrated and angry at seemingly small things.
  • No matter what you focus on consciously, all you can manifest in your life is the same people, experiences and situations.
  • When you begin to moves towards claiming something new that you want in your life - a different type of relationship or job, starting your own business, upgrading your living situation - it's as if invisible road blocks are thrown up in your way at every turn.
  • You're often hijacked by old defensive patterns, harmful habits and even addictions.
  • No matter what you try, you just can't see to get to the bottom of your issue or experience in life... you can't seem to find or solve the root cause.


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(Early-Bird Bonus: 80 minute 1-on-1 somatic integration
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Jennifer B.
Boulder, CO

"I've been on that merry-go-round of health practitioners costing me upwards of $35,000 over the past few years in an attempt to heal the root cause of persistent pain and mysterious physical symptoms.

Christine helped me understand that non-trauma informed doctors can and will often misdiagnose somatic manifestations of physical illness and symptoms as 'all in your head,' when that couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, all the illness and physical symptoms I was having were in the nervous system physiology and Christin helped me profoundly shift that, giving me my life back.

Everything I tired in the past just didn't work or made my experience worse. I'm so grateful to have found Christine and her work.

I was able to truly resolve root nervous system level stuff that was the key to recovery. I have my life back and such profound gratitude for this somatic integration work.

It was a privilege to work with Christine. A must try! "


Katy D.
Monarch Beach, CA

"I had never tried this type of therapy work, but I went into the experience with an open mind.

Christine is an absolute angel! Her kindness and presence made me feel safe to try this new healing modality.

Her pre-session coaching to set mindful intentions for the session made the experience feel sacred & ceremonial. She gave a thorough overview of what would take place during our session to make me feel at ease.

Honestly I’ve tried almost every holistic healing modality out there, and my somatic integration experience with Christine out of and then in the water was by FAR the most transformative experience yet!

WITH ALL MY HEART, I highly recommend sessions with Christine!"




This one-of-a-kind experiential training is available now at the early-bird price of $149. The course launches on 10/21 for $299 and can be taken online, anytime, anywhere.

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I can't wait to see you reclaim and wield your own inner resiliency to architect possibility in your life and in the world! <3

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