Underwater Modeling & Photo Concept Design


In this first of its kind eCourse, learn how to safely and most creatively explore underwater performance, modeling & mermaid-ing and design and implement successful underwater photography concepts.

Whether you’re a mermaid performer, a studio photographer, model or just booked your first underwater shoot and want to look great in your photos, this course show you how to create and perform underwater.

This eCourse is the synthesis of everything I know now and wished I’d known when I was first starting out. Let's dive in!

Permission to Thrive:
An Online Experience


In times of chaos and uncertainty, it's natural and deeply encoded in our biology to move into survival mode, casting off more relaxed states of regeneration and thriving. Without the right set of regulating tools, however, our own nervous system physiology can get stuck in survival mode, perpetuating exhaustive loops of deeply primal and energy-intesnive activations (or survival responses).

If you're having difficulty feeling safe right now or seeing the right next step, move, or decision or getting anything done, you are not alone. And what's more, your human operating system was designed and wired to respond exactly how it is now.

But there are still ways to give yourself the permission to thrive, even in the face of threats and the unknown. That's what this course will show you how to do. This is not a theoretical class - this is an embodied capacity-building course steeped in the modalities of Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal Theory.

This online experience is designed to empower you with the psychoeducation needed to understand and validate your own survival circuitry and is packed with somatic noticing exercises, felt-sense exploratory exercises, neural sequencing tools and guided imagery meditations to allow you to process, feel, integrate and heal from anything that has happened, is happening or will happen.

Each of us are met throughout our lives with crucible upon crucible – situations of severe trial, in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new.

Especially in times such as these, with piecemeal deconstruction of many aspects of our known, familiar lives and world, now more than ever, is it imperative you initiate the repair and reconstruction of your own nervous system's physiology to manifest and create with ease and resounding clarity.

With somatic integration techniques, we work together with your own body's sensations and current lived experience of unresolved survival cycles to resolve and heal your human operating system so you can write your new life's stories, and the world's.

LET'S GO DEEPER: Contact me for 1-on-1 somatic integration packages held remotely through Zoom and/or local in-water experiencing journeys for trauma resolution.


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